“Among my works, the one I like best is the Home that I have had built in Milan for accommodating old singers not favored by fortune, or who, when they were young, did not possess the virtue of saving. The poor, dear companions of my lifetime!
Believe me, my friend, that Home is truly my most beautiful work.”

Thus wrote Giuseppe Verdi in a letter to his friend Giulio Monteverde. Even today, when one looks at Casa Verdi, the Master’s pride is not surprising.

From 10 October 1902 – when the first Guests entered – until today, the Giuseppe Verdi Rest Home has taken in more than a thousand people who have dedicated their lives in various ways to the art of music and who, having arrived at retirement age, have been able to live their old age here in complete freedom and independence.

It is not a shelter; it is, rather, a place of rest after a lifetime dedicated to music.

"Verdi Verde" Project

Casa Verdi participates in the "EXPO in town" events with a project to showcase, beside Verdi the philanthropist, his lesser known - but extremely important - role as agricultural businessman and botany enthusiast.


Casa di Riposo per Musicisti - Fondazione Giuseppe Verdi

piazza Buonarroti 29, Milano

info@casaverdi.org - +39.02.4996009

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